Fireworx is a creative agency based in Bournemouth, England. The agency specialises in marketing but has a unique creative flow, which aims to challenge anything that approaches them.  

I had a great insight into how a successful agency works, from the processing of how to handle a brief, to collecting design thoughts and creating an admittedly juicy outcome. Dan, the founder of Fireworx, helped me to understand the ways to undertake the given briefs, in addition to suggesting the most desirable way to begin the journey.

Once, when approaching a brief, I was excited to bounce ideas from the fellow creatives in the room. We branched different ideas and came up with a great creative flow, a memory I will never forget. I have always become more intrigued when people are passionate about an area of interest, so when a new day started I would be delighted to hear the thoughts from the team.

One of the many things I will remember from the week-long experience is the reminiscence of Pablo Picasso believed quote, ‘Good artists copy, great artists steal.’ I would question them on the legitimacy of the quote, with also question around if they believed it. They warned me to never copy, but to always gain inspiration. Can you create something entirely unique? That was the challenge, which is what Fireworx is all about. That was their motive. They wanted to please, but in a way which would make you question all parts of design, from the creative design journey to the way it is marketed and processed.

I would like to thank Dan and his team in making my week at Fireworx insightful but also enjoyable. You can take a look at one of the briefs I completed on my work page, called 'Drive Safe Dorset.'

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